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Five Golden Rules to Wearing Jewelry

1. Always keep
them clean

Clean jewelry is beautiful jewelry. Always wipe your treasured pieces after wearing them to remove sweat, dirt, and grime that may have attached to your jewelry. For pieces you wear often, deep clean them every month or so (depending on how frequently they are worn) using a water solution of lukewarm water mixed with a few drops of mild soap. Wipe the jewelry dry before placing them back in storage.

2. Choose pieces
based on your face shape

Jewelry helps accentuate and balance out certain features to further enhance your beauty. Select pieces that complement your face shape and express your personality. Dangling and long-drop earrings and long necklaces with wide, shapely pendants look best on round and square faces. Meanwhile, bold shapes, hoops, chandelier earrings, and big statement necklaces and chokers are great for oval, rectangle, diamond, and heart shaped faces.

Of course these are merely guidelines to help you choose accessories. The best jewelry pieces are always the ones that make you happy and feel confident.

3. Pick a
focal point

You can use jewelry and accessories to make a statement or to appear more put together, even while wearing the simplest of t-shirts and jeans. Choose one centerpiece jewelry that will draw attention. Statement necklaces and ornamental earrings are great because their sizes and bold designs add a glamorous twist to an outfit and leave lasting, positive impressions.

4. Do mix busy
and simple patterns

Mixing and matching colors and patterns will never be out of style. This is a great way to express your creativity and display your eclectic jewelry collection. You can layer multiple pieces, mix metals, and pair simple jewelry with statement pieces. Make combinations with your favorite accessories to find what matches your current mood.

5. Accessorize for
the occasion

Wear jewelry with intent the same way you would dress for an occasion. Daytime outfits call for minimalist pieces or one statement piece that pulls the whole outfit together. For evening wear, the sparklier the better so your jewelry catches every light and makes you look more radiant. You should also consider the environment and activities you may do while wearing jewelry. Going to a party or club? Bangles and thick necklace chains are sturdy enough for a night full of dancing. Going on a laid back, fancy date? Dainty silhouettes with diamonds and jewels are perfect charmers for an intimate night out.

why wear gold jewelry

Warm, radiant gold jewelry is timeless and always tasteful. These adornments also serve as small treasures that are not only beautiful but also forever valuable. Gold jewelry has been an integral part of ancient cultures to denote social status, power, and wealth. Today, it is more attainable and remains highly coveted. Owning and wearing gold jewelry guarantees a lifetime of style and financial advantage.

why wear silver jewelry

Known for its stark white tone, sterling silver is a favored metal used outside of the jewelry world such as dinnerware, coinage, homeware, technology, and religious worship. Silver is more common than gold, malleable, durable, and resistant to tarnish—qualities that propelled it to become a staple in high jewelry. Brilliant sterling silver jewelry looks good on anyone and you can find it in ornate and minimalist designs, with precious gems and colored stones, that represent rich cultures, innovative imagination, and remarkable human creativity.

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