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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sterling silver good quality jewelry?

Sterling silver is a strong metal compared to other precious metals, making it ideal for ornate and minimalist jewelry designs. It is resistant to scratches and regular wear and tear damage. It also has low maintenance requirements to help sterling silver pieces retain its brand-new luster even over time.

Why are your sterling silver products expensive?

prices reflect the quality of the work of our partner-suppliers and directly contribute to the development of their communities.

How do I remove tarnish from my jewelry?

Use a soft cloth to polish your jewelry and remove tarnish. If your piece has intricate designs and patterns, we also recommend soaking your jewelry for a few hours in a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap to help remove dirt and debris. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub away dirt then polish your piece with the cloth.

Can I wear these everyday?

Sterling silver is very durable and can be worn everyday. To prolong the beauty and life of your Gold Palace piece, we recommend avoiding wearing them in the shower, exposing them to strong chemicals including perfume and lotions, and removing your jewelry during exercise and other physically demanding activities.

Do you accept custom designs?

Due to manpower constraints, we cannot accept custom orders for jewelry. Please browse our shop to discover unique and high-quality 22k gold and sterling silver jewelry that go well with any occasion or outfit.

More About The Collection

With our finest pieces of silver jewelry online in one place, you won’t need to look anywhere else. Ranging from graceful mango-cut necklaces and enamel anklets to lovely Kashmiri glasses and Ganeshji statues, our collection of aesthetic silver jewelry is sure to please every eye.

Specially designed for women, our everlasting pieces provide a layer of cool artistic expression that will never go out of style. The collection, consisting mostly of personal jewelry and silverware, includes a mix of complex designs and fusion of culture. Choose from our extensive collection of silver jewelry for women to add to your own, and show up in an elevated ensemble everywhere you go.

About Our Silver Jewelry Designs

Gold Palace respects culture and history, and our silver jewelry designs honor those who came before us.

We stay true to the classic silhouettes and traditional significant symbols for Indian silver jewelry. Combining the historical origins of sculptural jewelry and contemporary preferences for minimalism, our collection has options for any occasion.

Choose ornamental styles of silver bracelets and silver anklets to hark back on traditional Indian fashion. You can also opt to wear clean, simple bangles and rings to accomplish a more modern look. You can’t go wrong in choosing any piece from our silver jewelry for women as they resemble royalty and commands respect to the highest degree no matter their design.

Browse our shop to see more of our silver jewelry online and choose from a wide range of designs that will suit your taste.

Silver Jewelry for Every Occasion

We offer our most stunning collection yet, with each item individually crafted to perfection. As a product of modern ingenuity laced with traditional Indian art styles, our women’s silver jewelry collection is indeed a rare sight to behold.

Our exclusive collection is specifically geared towards women of any age. The design that comes with each piece provides an innate feminine touch, while also adding flair and personality to the wearer.

Since silver jewelry bears a neutral color, it could easily complement any clothing of choice. It also shines less brightly than gold, making it perfect for women who prefer a more dialed-down tone without losing much luster. This sleek approach to fashion meshes well with any event that doesn’t require flashy entrances.

As for symbolism, silver jewelry portrays purity and spruceness—a perfect accessory for Indian weddings of any kind.

Visit Gold Palace to finally get ahold of that perfect accessory. As always, we aim nothing but to provide satisfaction that would last a lifetime.

Silver Jewelry as a Gift

Silver jewelry has been around for centuries, continuing its stellar performance in the high-end fashion industry. Despite being widely considered inferior to gold, it remains to this day a reliable, go-to gift accessory by many around the world.

In today’s world, silver jewelry collections are gently leaning towards women. Their designs are becoming much more feminine than neutral. From this information alone, it is highly suggestive of giving gifts of silver origin to women.

Women are strongly stimulated by jewelry; silver’s auspicious white glow radiates positive energy—wearing one makes them feel beautiful and contented. Furthermore, it lets them showcase their social status. Pieces such as anklets and pendants can conveniently act as confidence boosters, making them highly recommended to be bought as gifts.

Our silver jewelry for women is made with high-grade materials; purchasing them not only brings a radiating aura of allure but also durability. Carefully crafted with excellent artisanship, Gold Palace’s silver jewelry collection can stand the test of time.

Women’s silver jewelry isn’t entirely limited to wearables. If you are looking for something unique and can act as decorative displays, then engraved bars and reversible coins might interest you. Their distinctive qualities only increase their overall value over time, making them a quality investment.

Shopping for Silver Jewelry Online

Shopping for your next piece of jewelry is enjoyable in person, but doing so online is much better. You could already be thinking about your next piece of jewelry if you shop at Gold Palace. Browse our timeless assortment of women's silver jewelry from the comfort of your own home, whether you're dressed up or down.

We at Gold Palace, as champions of luxury for over 27 years, only offer 100% authentic, handcrafted pieces that you have learned to appreciate. We specialize in a wide range of exquisite Indian silver jewelry sets, and we make it a point to promote and pass on Indian culture. And as we grow, we share our affection with both new and returning consumers. Gold Palace frequently offers limited-time discounts and promotions in exchange for their unwavering support and patronage.

Our online retail website provides useful information on each style category and includes filtering options to assist you in narrowing down your search. Sterling silver chains, for example, are part of a unique assortment of silver jewelry. If you require professional advice in picking which item to purchase next, our unrivaled customer service is always there to assist and answer questions.

Every item on the list will be handled with care and delivered to your doorsteps as soon as possible. Every piece of Indian silver jewelry in our store is constantly in stock, so you can expect something spectacular with every click.

When you've determined what you want to buy, click the "Add to Cart" button and follow the on-screen instructions. We accept a variety of payment methods, including flexible alternatives like four-part installment plans (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Amazon Pay, and PayPal).