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Preventing Damage

  • DO take off your jewelry

    To retain its shine and luster, jewelry must be removed BEFORE putting on perfumes, hairspray, and lotions. Remove them when washing dishes or laundry to avoid tarnishing or trapping soap particles in your piece. Do not wear jewelry for physical activities to prevent damage caused by hitting, scratching, or bumping into objects.

  • DO store in a cool, dark place

    When not in use, place your Gold Palace jewelry in a soft, opaque pouch or jewelry box to keep it away from sunlight.

  • DO NOT expose to sunlight and extreme heat

    Direct sunlight and extreme heat may damage certain gemstones and affect the metal of the jewelry piece. Pearls in particular can peel if exposed to too much sunlight for long periods. Sterling silver tend to tarnish under harsh sunlight.

  • DO NOT expose to chemicals

    Exposure to harsh chemicals, including everyday household items, can damage both the metal and gemstones of jewelry. Avoid the following: Ammonia, Bleach, Hairspray, Lotion, Perfume, Chlorine

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your jewelry and prevent the loss of diamonds or colored gemstones.

Wearing Jewelry

  • DO wear according to the metal/gemstone durability

    Most metals and alloys used in jewelry are made for everyday wear but some pieces, such as 24k pendants, are not. Pearls and opals are sturdy but more fragile compared to other gemstones such as diamonds, jade, and cubic zirconia. Be mindful of the piece you are wearing and its limits.

  • DO enjoy accessorizing

    Have fun mixing and matching your jewelry according to your mood and the occasion. Wearing jewelry is a form of self expression. Be creative and be yourself!

  • DO NOT wear to sleep

    Remove your jewelry before going to bed to avoid damaging, breaking, or losing your piece.

  • DO NOT wear to the shower, bath, spa, sauna, gym, pool, and beach

    Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and high humidity to prevent damage and discoloration.

Cleaning & polishing

  • DO clean and polish regularly

    Cleaning and polishing your jewelry will maintain the look and quality of your piece for much longer. Clean your jewelry using a soft, lint-free cloth after wearing. For deep cleaning, soak the item in warm water mixed with mild dish soap. Gently brush off dirt and debris with a clean soft bristle toothbrush. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly using a soft, lint-free cloth.

  • DO avail of professional cleaning services

    If there are stains or tarnish that are difficult to remove using DIY methods, take your jewelry to a trusted jeweler to get it professionally cleaned. Experts use specially formulated solutions to remove dirt and grime and bring back the shine of your treasured piece.

  • DO NOT brush your pearls

    Pearls are more delicate compared to other gemstones and metals. Do not use a toothbrush to clean your pearl jewelry. Clean and polish the pearl using a soft, lint-free cloth and warm soapy water.

  • DO NOT create your own cleaning and polishing solution

    Common cleaning household items may cause more harm than good if used to clean your jewelry. Do not clean using toothpaste, vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and ammonia. Do not use wax and oils to polish your gold and silver.

storing your jewelry

  • DO store gemstones and pearls safely

    Diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones may be scratched or damaged if stored improperly. Use properly lined jewelry boxes to keep your pieces safe.

  • DO use proper jewelry boxes and pouches

    For rings, store them in a ring box and allow ample space between each ring to avoid scratches on the metal. Hang up your necklaces or store them in a contoured box to avoid tangling. Use cloth or velvet pouches to store bracelets, bangles, and anklets.

  • DO wear your jewelry

    These valuable and beautiful pieces are meant to be worn. Do enjoy your jewelry by wearing them from time to time. Pearls and opals in particular are best maintained when worn regularly as they draw moisture from their surroundings.

  • DO NOT mix metals

    Store your gold, sterling silver, and non-gold/non-silver pieces separately to avoid chemical reactions between the metals that could result in discoloration and tarnish. Place similar metals in one box or pouch. If storage is limited, cover the pieces in protective plastic or pouches before storing in one place.

Traveling with Jewelry

  • DO use proper storage boxes and cases

    It pays to invest in proper storage boxes when traveling with jewelry even if you'll only carry a few pieces. Use soft pouches, jewelry roll, jewelry organizer box, or even a pill box to safely store and segregate your pieces to help avoid damage and scratches while in transit.

  • DO insure high-value jewelry

    If you're traveling with high-value pieces, make sure they're protected with an insurance plan that matches the full current value of the piece. This step may seem tedious or excessive but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  • DO NOT wear valuable pieces for a flight

    Going through airport security entails removing the jewelry you're wearing and getting them scanned through the security belt. Amid the stress and busy rush of travel, you might forget, lose, or leave behind small pieces during this step. Opt to put valuable pieces in your carry-on bag to keep them close while avoiding the hassle of taking them off before boarding.

  • DO NOT store necklaces together

    If you do not have a jewelry organizer, there are many DIY tricks to prevent tangling your necklace. Use straws to loop your necklace through, cover them in plastic wrap or paper towel, or use a soft wash cloth. These will prevent the necklace from moving around while in transit.

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