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Know Your Ring Setting

Prong Setting

This is the most common ring setting because of it's clean, timeless look. Prongs can have different shapes (claw, rounded, flat) and can feature four to six prongs. This setting is used to highlight the beauty of the diamond and bring attention to the stone. Since the prongs are inconspicuous, this ring setting is popular for larger carat clear diamonds and colored gemstones.

While this ring setting is unfailing, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Prong settings are prone to snagging on clothes and colliding with objects since it is protruding above the rest of the ring. The prongs may also loosen over time, that's why it is recommended to have a regular check in with your local jeweler to monitor and adjust the prongs as needed.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is perfect for those with active lifestyles. It surrounds the stone with a thin, yet sturdy, metal rim for a snug and secure fit. While this limits the amount of light that passes through and reflects on the gem stone, it also offers the most secure setting. This allows the wearer more freedom with their activities without the worry of losing or damaging their diamond or gemstone.

Channel Setting

The channel setting neatly places a row of stones in a clean and secure line. It allows for good surface reflection and luster but similar to the bezel setting, the channel setting limits the amount of light that can pass through the stones. This setting is common in wedding bands in an eternity ring style but it is also used in engagement rings to decorate the center stone with a full or half band of sparkling stones.

Flush Setting

In a flush setting, the stone is embedded in the metal ring only leaving the crown of the stone visible. This makes for an understated yet alluring ring perfect for modest tastes.

Bar Setting

The bar setting is similar to the channel setting as it aligns a row of stones neatly. The difference is that the bar setting features parallel bars that separate the stones from each other, which adds interest to the ring itself. This setting makes for a secure fit which prevents loosening stones while allowing them to shine brilliantly under any light.

Pave Setting

The pave setting is also known as an illusion design as it mimics the sparkle of a large carat diamond using tinier diamonds in a cluster. This setting can be used to replace a center stone or on the shoulder and shank of the ring for more luster.

Tension Setting

Tension settings come in different styles. Here, the diamond or center stone is held between two points of the ring using pressure to create a floating illusion. This setting is secure but also prone to damage if and when a strong force hits the ring.

Best setting for engagement rings

When choosing for engagement ring settings, it's important to keep in the mind the lifestyle and personality of the intended wearer. All ring settings offer security and optimal brilliance. Some styles like the bezel, channel, and bar settings are ideal for more active lifestyles while others perform best under more laidback settings. Pick the style that best reflects the spirit of your beloved.

why bezel is perfect for daily wear

The bezel ring setting is the second most popular setting next to the prong. It offers one of the best light reflection and display for the center stone or gemstone in a tightly secured setting.

Because of this style, the sides of the stone are easily protected from scratches, dents, and damage especially for stones with sharp edges such as the princess, marquise, and pear cuts. This setting also work well for soft stones such as pearls, quartz, opals, and tanzanite.

The bezel setting is perfect for those with a more active lifestyle as this style offers maximum protection for the stone without diminishing its beauty. The stone has less risk of getting loose or falling off the ring. It is also a modern, timeless look that will surely never go out of style.

Unlike the prong setting, the bezel is also not prone to snagging on clothes and other materials. It's also resistant from dents and damage as it is not protruding from the ring, making it perfect for daily wear.



  • Do clean regularly. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt and debris that may have gotten trapped in the prongs.
  • Do avoid wearing clothes with a lot of holes to avoid snagging.
  • Do remove your ring before putting on clothes to avoid the ring getting caught in the tags and edges of your clothes.
  • Do put on lotion BEFORE wearing the ring. This helps prevent lotion and cream from getting into your ring and absorbing dirt and bacteria


  • Don't wear your ring during strenuous physical activities such as exercise, hiking, and swimming.
  • Don't forget to take off your ring during bed time. This helps prevent injuries in case you scratch or hit your face with the ring.
  • Don't ignore the need for regular checks with your local, trusted jeweler. Get your ring checked at least every two years to tighten the prongs in case of loosened stones.
  • Don't clean with a cloth as it may snag on the prong and cause the stone to become loose.

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