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More About The Collection

Also known as the remover of obstacles, Ganesha is one of the most worshipped Hindu gods. He is represented with the head of an elephant, which is the ultimate path maker in forests. When worshippers embark on a journey to something new, Lord Ganesha paves the way for better beginnings. Often depicted with a broken left tusk, Ganesha’s tusks represent how emotions (left tusk) should be overcome with wisdom (right tusk) to achieve perfection. His large ears are always ready to listen to your prayers and impart patience, while his human body carries a human heart for eternal compassion and kindness. Our Lord Ganesha collection is carefully created from precious metals like silver for entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bankers, and other seekers of his wisdom. Have one of our Lord Ganesha pieces in your home or on your altar and be blessed with success, patience, reasoning, and good fortune.