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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept custom engagement ring orders?

Unfortunately, Gold Palace does not cater to custom design orders. We offer an extensive collection of gold, sterling silver, and diamond jewelry handmade by our global network of artisans. Browse our shop to discover unique pieces for you and your special someone.

Is polki a real diamond?

Polki is a raw, uncut diamond usually in a kundan or pure 24K gold setting. Since there is less processing work involved in making polki, it is priced lower than traditionally cut diamonds—but that doesn’t diminish or change the fact that polki is still a diamond.

Are diamonds a good investment?

Natural diamonds will always be in demand and in finite supply, which will help push prices up further in the future. It either retains its market value or increases, depending on the global demand of diamonds at a time. Diamonds are a good monetary and sentimental investment as their heirloom quality can be passed down through generations, sharing and extending one’s prosperity among loved ones.

More About The Collection

There is always something to celebrate with Diamond Jewelry. An icon of perfection, diamonds are loved for their unparalleled brilliance and timeless appeal. This nearly unbreakable stone is worn as engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal polki, necklaces, and more. The highly coveted diamond is an easy addition to jewelry collections to elevate any look. Gold Palace offers a diverse selection of diamond jewelry to fit any taste and occasion.

Gold Palace is an expert in women’s diamond jewelry for over 27 years. We prioritize attainable luxuries for men and women of all backgrounds so they can enjoy natural treasures in many different ways. Apart from South Asian-inspired diamond jewelry, Gold Palace also specializes in 22K gold pieces for men, women, and children. We also have extensive collections of sterling silver and pure 999 silver personal jewelry pieces and religious items. We are a one-stop online store for exquisite investment pieces in fine gold, earth-mined diamonds, and many other precious pieces. With over 200 product categories and items in stock for immediate shipping, Gold Palace has everything you need to feel like royalty. 

About our Diamond Jewelry Designs

Glistening, precious, and hardy. What’s not to love about diamond jewelry? As the time-honored adage says: diamonds are a girl’s best friend—-and for good reason. This beautiful, naturally-occurring gem is perfect in all forms. It’s nearly indestructible, making it perfect for daily wear, and is great in any type of jewelry—be it a ring, necklace, pendant, or bracelet. 

At Gold Palace, we carry hundreds of styles of diamond jewelry for women of all ages and backgrounds. Diamonds are the go-to gemstone for personal milestones such as anniversaries, engagements, weddings, 18th and 21st birthdays, or even retirement. Our designs reflect the celebratory moods a diamond represents, and we make sure customers like you will find a diamond jewelry piece that perfectly captures what you’re celebrating.

From ornate bridal polki, charming nose pins, and regal rings and earrings, our diamond collection is a buffet of eclectic and elegant styles made for casual wear and special occasions. Dive into our selection of artisanal gold jewelry, forged in yellow gold, white gold, and two-tone shades for unlimited styling options. 

Diamond Jewelry for Every Occasion

What makes diamonds so popular—especially women’s diamond jewelry? While there are many other precious stones that are beautiful and more affordable, diamonds stay at the top of everyone’s preferred jewelry for any occasion. 

Almost everyone is aware of how expensive diamond jewelry can be. This general knowledge is in a way limiting to where diamonds can be worn, not just for appropriate settings but also to keep these valuable items safe from prying eyes and hands. Stud diamond earrings may be inconspicuous enough for daily wear. It’s understated and not loud enough to garner unwanted attention.

Diamond Jewelry as the Perfect Gift

Ask everyone you know for the gift they desire the most. The majority of them would say they want diamond jewelry. And who can blame them? Diamonds are brilliant gems that last forever, especially when laid in 18K yellow gold or white gold.

One of the most popular diamond jewelry is the engagement ring, one of the most special gifts for professing one’s eternal love. The eternal beauty and seemingly permanent radiance of diamond jewelry capture the intensity and sincerity of true love, making it the ideal gift for engagements and weddings. But these aren’t the only moments for diamonds to shine. 

Milestone birthdays are also special occasions to buy diamond jewelry for women as gifts. For example, an 18th birthday marks the end of girlhood and the beginning of a woman’s journey to discover herself. Diamond jewelry like earrings, bracelets, or trendy rings makes for unforgettable gifts to celebrate this important milestone. At Gold Palace, we have wide selections of ornate pieces that highlight the diamond’s extravagance. We also offer pieces inspired by South Asian traditions such as nose pins and polki. 

Diamond jewelry is versatile enough to be given as a gift on even the simplest of occasions—and it won’t be too lavish nor banal. Diamond jewelry for women especially will always be the right idea, and Gold Palace is the place to find genuine and affordable luxuries to adore forever.

Shopping for Diamond Jewelry Online

Should you buy diamond jewelry online? It may seem intimidating and risky but nowadays it’s easy, safe, and sometimes more beneficial to purchase diamond jewelry online. 

Physical jewelry stores may allow for the experience of seeing and touching a diamond in real life, but online shopping has its fair share of perks. For example, it’s more convenient to shop online since you can stay at the comfort of your home and browse as many ecommerce sites to find what you like. You wouldn’t be spending hours walking and traveling to different physical stores. 

If you’re in the market for genuine diamond jewelry, shop at Gold Palace. With over 27 years of experience in luxury jewelry and ecommerce, we have the necessary expertise, technical support, and product range to satisfy your desire for beautiful diamond jewelry. Discover affordable, stylish, and traditional Indian diamond jewelry online at our exclusive store. Explore the unique styles of earrings, rings, necklaces, and nose pins to complete any look.

When you shop at the Gold Palace website, you are assured with smooth and secure transactions with every order. Our website uses the latest encryption technologies that protect your data at every step of the checkout process. We also offer flexible payment options, including credit card and debit card, e-wallet payments, and installments. For international clients, we are capable of international shipping and we accept wire payments.

Confirmed orders are shipped immediately so you can receive your orders and admire them as soon as possible. You can also avail of big discounts from small orders ($25 OFF on $400+ worth of items) and larger hauls ($100 for purchases over $2500). Get the best value for your money and take home a Gold Palace diamond jewelry today.