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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to sleep with gold earrings?

Constantly wearing jewelry might potentially harm it, but there are no major health dangers associated with wearing jewelry all day, which includes sleeping and showering.

Are gold earrings safe for sensitive ears?

If you have sensitive ears, opting for a pair made of solid 14k gold or higher is one of the safest bets you can make, since only a tiny portion of the population is allergic or sensitive to the neutral metal.

More About The Collection

Auspicious and sacred, the wearing of gold earrings is a fundamental tradition in South Asia. In ancient times, the earlobes were believed to symbolize one’s status and social superiority. The bigger the earlobe, the more respectable and accomplished a person was. In India, elongated earlobes signified a woman’s beauty and wealth. Earrings were used to adorn a woman’s ears as a means to guarantee a continuous flow of blessings. 22K gold earrings were especially revered because of gold’s association with the Goddess Lakshmi, a sentiment that still holds true today. Rooted in tradition and religion, the opulent and auspicious gold earrings will forever be an iconic symbol of beauty, elegance, and classic style.