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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gold hypoallergenic?

Yellow gold is generally non-irritating, especially at higher karats like 22k and 24k. Lower purity levels such as 18K, 14K, and 10K may cause irritation on people who are sensitive to the metal alloys mixed in to create low karat gold. Colored gold such as white gold and rose gold may also cause irritation for those allergic or sensitive to nickel, copper, and zinc.

Can these be worn during the bath and bedtime?

22k gold and lower karat gold jewelry are durable and can be worn daily, easily surviving simple daily routines. However, even with the high-quality standards we implement to create premium jewelry, it’s still important for the wearer to take good care of their piece so that it lasts longer and looks good even with daily use. It’s still best to remove jewelry during bedtime and before taking a shower to avoid exposing the gold to harsh elements that might wear down its luster.

Are these jewelry pieces choking hazards?

Small objects such as stud earrings, rings are choking hazards and must not be left to a young person without adult supervision. To avoid accidents, please keep jewelry away from the reach of children.

More About The Collection

You can never go wrong with jewelry as a gift for a child’s every milestone. Whether for a baby shower, birthday, christening, or just to show your love, genuine 22K gold and sterling silver pieces are the perfect opportunity to bless the child in your life. Choose from our wide selections of classic designs and unique pieces that bring out the personality of the child and encapsulate the special relationship you share.