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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your kids gold jewelry hypoallergenic?

Yellow gold is generally non-irritating, especially at higher karats like 22K and 24K. Lower purity levels such as 18K, 14K, and 10K may cause irritation on people who are sensitive to the metal alloys mixed in to create low karat gold. Colored gold such as white gold and rose gold may also cause irritation for those allergic or sensitive to nickel, copper, and zinc.

Can baby jewelry be worn during the bath and bedtime?

22K gold and lower karat gold jewelry are durable and can be worn daily, easily surviving simple daily routines. However, even with the high-quality standards we implement to create premium jewelry, it’s still important for the wearer to take good care of their piece so that it lasts longer and looks good even with daily use. It’s still best to remove jewelry during bedtime and before taking a shower to avoid exposing the gold to harsh elements that might wear down its luster.

Are these jewelry pieces choking hazards?

Small objects such as stud earrings, rings are choking hazards and must not be left to a young person without adult supervision. To avoid accidents, please keep jewelry away from the reach of children.

What kind of jewelry can babies wear?

To reduce the possibility of an allergic response, buy jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials like solid gold, sterling silver, or fine metal plated. Baby jewelry should be fitted correctly to accommodate tiny wrists, ears, and necks.

What karat gold is best for baby jewelry?

Precious metals with a 14k gold content or greater, as well as sterling silver, are a safe pick.

More About The Collection

About Our Kids Jewelry Designs

Every baby girl and boy is special. That's why we make quality baby jewelry with 22K gold and sterling silver pieces that bring out the personality of our youngest clients. Shop a wide selection of baby gold jewelry sets and single trinkets inspired by your child's personality.

Choose from our range of kids jewelry designs that are both perfect for every baby girl or boy. These include gold baby bangles, baby earrings, pendants, rings, kids gold chains & necklaces, anklets, and more. Any of these pieces is a great start to treating your child to classic heirloom quality jewelry.

Whether you want to celebrate a baby's first smile, first words, or first steps, we have bracelets and other cute, child-friendly ornaments to represent the promise you have made for years to come. Our collection of kids gold jewelry & silver jewelry is sure to stun and be part of everlasting memories.

Baby Jewelry for Every Occasion

Let your baby know they are loved and special during any occasion. Not only do silver & 22k gold baby jewelry add a dash of elegance and personality to our older clientele but they also make for wonderful statement pieces for kids that they can cherish forever.

Celebrate your kid's special occasion ranging from birthdays to the Christmas holidays. From rings and bangles to earrings and waist chains, we have great options that will let them shine.

With classic designs and customizable options to suit your little one's personality, our selection of children's jewelry represents a timeless gift and the relationship you have.

We carry silver & 18k, 20k, 22K gold kids jewelry in a variety of styles, giving our baby customers a sense of inclusion, style, and fun. They make for wonderful additions during any occasion as each piece can be worn as they grow older.

Kids Jewelry as a Gift

A child's first jewelry is hardly ever discarded, that's why choosing the right kind of ornament gives your child a timeless treasure that will continue to be worn for years down the line.

From toddler necklaces to bracelets and rings for babies, you can be sure that our exquisite kids gold jewelry is hand-finished with genuine love and care.

Great for gift-giving and commemorating your child's little milestones, the classic designs of our children's jewelry are decorated with several spangles that give off a twinkling glow, perfect for both formal and everyday wear.

So why not show off your kid's youth with some of the world's finest pieces made from real Indian 22K gold and silver? We assure you that our sparkling children's jewelry is not only adorned with precious stones, diamonds, and the like but also makes sure your tiny prince or princess looks royal and presentable on any given day.

Shopping for Gold Baby Jewelry Online

Shop online our wide collection of children's jewelry is the place to start getting your kids their own. Made from 100% real 22k gold or silver, each piece is designed to fit every little prince or princess. Aside from being a perfect way to make a statement to any wardrobe of any age, they make for great gifts too.

Shop baby jewelry online at Gold Palace easily through our website today. We've got you covered, no matter what your style: an enormous selection of gemstones, customized pieces, and antiquated or hand-engraved gold necklaces, it's our mission to bring you an authentic selection of gorgeous, timeless pieces.

Simply choose an item, click the “Add to Cart” button on the product page, and proceed to checkout or browse the shop further. Then, follow the Checkout process to proceed to billing and shipping information, payment, and order completion. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Amazon Pay, and PayPal payments only. We also offer an installment plan for online purchases.

Experience shopping at Gold Palace today and see why over a million customers trust our premium selection of the highest quality gold in different karats.