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Vivid colors. Centuries old significance. Precious gemstones are a remarkable addition to classic jewelry settings, adding depth of character and symbolic meanings worth cherishing forever.


Sporting rich green tones, Jade is a valued stone among Southeast Asian cultures. It symbolizes luck, longevity, and wisdom. It can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, or ring and can even be used as home ornaments.

Bring luck, success, and happiness. The impeccable Jade stone will accompany you throughout Life's greatest pleasures.

Throughout human history, Jade has been used to create various tools and ornaments thanks to its durability, beauty, and unique characteristic of creating melodic tinkling sounds when struck. Wearing jade is said to bring numerous benefits to the wearer such as good fortune, wisdom, protection, and for treating stress and anxiety.

In some cultures, Jade is more valuable than Diamonds. This invaluable stone is a quintessential symbol for royalty, affluence, and high social standing. Today, Jade is a symbol of South Asian pride and respect for culture.


The Pearl is Nature’s oldest gemstone. Dating back thousands of years and shared among diverse cultures, the significance of pearls especially in jewelry is unmatched by other gemstones.

For peace, wisdom, and abundance. Wear lustrous Pearls to invite good energy and find serenity in all your activities.

In Ancient times, the wearing of pearls was limited to the noble class because pearls were difficult to find. Pearls have a near-perfect natural appearance and are loved for its elegance and simplicity. They are associated with wealth, purity, femininity, and are even worn as a calming and protective amulet.

Pearls come in various colors and shapes, but the most valuable are the freshwater, natural pearls with a perfectly round and smooth surface. Black pearls are more rare compared to milky white pearls but white pearls are the quintessential classic representing elegance and timeless beauty.


Deep sea treasures for courage and good health. Coral jewelry is a must-have fashion statement and good luck charm.

For a charming pop of color. Coral is the gemstone for those seeking great opportunities to come their way.

Coral is a gemstone one must definitely keep close. Whether as bracelet, pendant, ring, or beaded necklace, this fiery red stone is believed to have powerful spiritual benefits to the wearer. It attracts self-confidence, strength, and energy to achieve goals. It is also said to have healing properties especially for skin-related ailments and physical injuries.

Jewelry enthusiasts will definitely enjoy having this stone in their collection. A sparkling red coral piece is sure to be a head-turner. Genuine red coral pieces are lustrous, lightweight, and delicate and need extra care to prolong its vibrancy and sheen.


Make no mistake. Cubic Zirconia is anything but dull. This crystal-like stone is an attractive piece for anyone looking for the brilliance of a diamond or moissanite at a friendlier price.

Refractive. Unintimidating. Ageless. Meet the Cubic Zirconia, a modern gemstone that embodies environmental sustainability and conflict-free luxury.

You will never be understated when wearing Cubic Zirconia. This man-made crystal has many applications outside of jewelry such as lasers, optics technology, and bio-engineering. In the jewelry world, cubic zirconia or CZ is a popular and affordable alternative to natural diamonds. Although it doesn't possess the same hardness as a diamond, CZ is just as eye-catching if not more.

CZ stones are often used in engagement rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is a great center or decorative stone for jewelry collectors who prefer investing in fine gold pieces without the distractions of other high-value accompaniments. Wearing CZs also show support for sustainable and ethical jewelry as its manufacturing does not harm the environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear these stones every day?

Jade is a naturally durable stone that can be worn every day especially with high-karat gold settings. Coral, pearl, and CZ are also hardy stones, but are more vulnerable to wear and tear especially if not taken care of or worn haphazardly. While our pieces are premium-made, we recommend proper care and maintenance to avoid damage and to prolong the beauty of your jewelry.

2. Do you use natural pearls or cultured pearls?

We have a diverse network of jewelry designers and suppliers and we only work with those that follow industry best practices for ethical and environmentally friendly pearl harvesting and manufacturing. Some of our suppliers use naturally occurring pearls while some use cultured pearls. But in both instances, we guarantee minimal to zero harm to the environment and we comply with fair-trade regulations of origin countries.

3. Is CZ a fake diamond?

Cubic zirconia is a lab-made gemstone with similar gemological characteristics to diamonds but with a different mineral component. While a diamond is crystallized pure carbon, cubic zirconia is a crystallized form of zirconium dioxide. Because of its refractive and color similarities to natural diamonds, CZ is considered a diamond simulant. It refracts the same amount of light, with more color variations, and has a Mohs hardness of 8.5. Since it is made in a lab, CZ stones can be created perfectly colorless and flawless but are more affordable compared to diamonds.

4. Does real jade crack or break easily?

Jade is one of the most durable rocks on earth. It's been used to create weapons and tools for farming, construction, and cooking. High quality jade will not break or crack easily, even if struck with a hammer. But please refrain from performing hardness tests on your jade pieces to avoid diminishing the look and shape of the jade.

5. Were live corals harmed when making your coral pieces?

Gold Palace implements a strict vetting process in selecting our suppliers for stones and finished jewelry pieces. Our coral pieces come from small-scale artisans who procure raw materials through sustainable and selective coral harvesting. They follow local and national guidelines to determine what can be collected and processed into jewelry.

6. Why are your products expensive?

Most of our pieces are rare, with some available in limited quantities, which adds to the exclusivity of high jewelry. We only use the finest gold and sterling silver, sourced from top producers all over the world and designed by a distinct group of artisans with generations' worth of knowledge in designing and making luxury pieces. Their unique artistry, paired with high quality metals, produce valuable jewelry that are not only beautiful to wear but can also be passed down as prized heirlooms.

7. I'm not happy with my purchase. Can I return/exchange for another item?

Customers may exchange any item purchased from our website within 30 days, beginning on the day they sign to receive their package. Please note when exchanging orders below $500, a shipping fee of $10 is charged. Visit our Policy page for more information.

8. Are pearls fashionable to wear?

Wearing pearl jewelry has been around for thousands of years, enjoyed by the young and old alike. Pearls are an elegant and timeless accessory that easily fits into any aesthetic.

9. Are affordable pearls fake?

Pearls are a highly regulated commodity due to the natural pearl industry. As such, pearl farms have become the norm to ensure sustainable means of farming and harvesting this ocean jewel. Cultured pearls are more accessible and better managed, which significantly helps bring down the cost of the raw material.

10. Why is CZ so cheap?

Cubic Zirconia is made in a lab so there is no issue with scarcity or tedious processing. CZs can be made in bulk at a more affordable price compared to finding, mining, and processing raw precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. The price of CZ is in no way an indication of low quality. It is a popular material within the jewelry industry because of its versatility and brilliant shine.