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Why India Loves Jewelry

Jewelry has been a fixture of culture and fashion since ancient times and many of its original meanings are still upheld today. In India, wearing jewelry signified one’s social status, ethnicity and tribal identity, and as a form of manifesting good fortune, health, and happiness depending on the piece of jewelry, metal, and stone used.

Gold jewelry is the most preferred form as it is considered auspicious, beautiful, and long-lasting, making it ideal for carrying a family’s heritage. Indian gold jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes with each design carefully chosen to emphasize the gold’s beauty and the wearer’s good status. Gold jewelry also makes up important components of celebrating festivals and commemorating religious ceremonies as gold is traditionally linked to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty.

Why Brides Wear Gold

Indian women and brides are expected to wear a variety of jewelry pieces to enhance their beauty and signify their status in life. Each piece holds significance in Indian and Hindi culture to help women and their families achieve happiness.

Brides wearing gold jewelry in different parts of the body intend to enhance a woman’s happiness in different aspects of married life. Wearing jewelry at certain chakra points for example are said to improve a woman’s health and give her wisdom on her new life journey. Certain shapes, colors, and stones are also used to symbolize different aspects of married life.

Indian Bride Must-Haves

Maang Tikka

This jewelry piece is an indelible part of traditional and modern Indian weddings. Centered on a woman’s forehead where the sixth house chakra resides, the maang tikka gives the bride strength and wisdom as she enters her new life as a married woman. It is also meant to protect the bride from negative energies that may harm her on her special day. Maang tikkas come in various shapes and sizes, with diamonds and colored stones. They are usually worn as a set with a matching necklace and pair of earrings.

Nose ring

The nose ring or nath is one of the most common jewelry pieces used to identify if a woman is married. Traditionally, the nath is only worn when a woman is married but nowadays, even young girls and unmarried women wear them to enhance their beauty. A nose ring is also considered to have health benefits for a woman such as alleviating menstrual pain and preventing complications during childbirth. Nose rings worn on wedding days are usually made of gold and contain diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones to bring luck and good fortune to the new couple.


If there’s any piece of jewelry that encompasses the value and sanctity of Hindu marriage, it is the mangalsutra. Derived from the Sanskrit words “mangala” and “sutra” which mean “blessed thread”, the mangalsutra is a key element in identifying if an Indian woman is married. This long necklace, commonly found in 22K and 18K gold with colored stones, symbolizes the blessed life of a newly wed couple, protects the bride from negativity, and grants the couple good fortune.


Musical and charming, bangles are always present in a bride’s wedding garb. It signifies prosperity and luck, and also helps manifest the husband’s long, healthy life. Bangles come in different metals and colors, each with their own meaning. For example, yellow bangles signify happiness; blue is used to commemorate new beginnings; green is for luck and fertility; and gold of course is for prosperity and fortune.

Necklace and earrings set

Necklaces and earrings are worn to frame a bride’s face with glam and elegance. Gold and diamonds are typical for this jewelry set, with big ornate designs as the ideal look. These jewelry pieces further enhance a woman’s beauty and are also used as a gift to a new bride to set her on the right path for marriage. That’s why precious metals and stones are preferred in necklaces and earrings as they are also considered good financial investments that can help support the young couple in times of trouble.