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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Certified Diamonds at Gold Palace

Buying diamonds is an emotional, high-stakes decision. It's important to understand the true value of your investment in such a precious gem. That's why diamond certificates are a common requirement when purchasing diamond jewelry from any jeweler or seller.

Independent gem labs appraise the quality and authenticity of diamonds. This meticulous process results in a written document that includes the source of the diamond, whether it’s a natural or lab-made diamond, the stone's cut, clarity, carat weight, color, and sometimes an illustration of the marks or inclusions of the diamond.

Having a diamond certification is helpful for those planning to resell, offer as a loan, and repair or replace in case of loss. But real diamonds also come without certificates.

Gold Palace offers some diamond jewelry pieces that are tested and verified by three of the world's leading independent gem labs. When you purchase these items, you will receive the original copy of the certificate with the complete details of your diamond.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don't you have certificates for all your diamond jewelry?

The certification process is an expensive endeavor. Gold Palace sources all its jewelry from small scale artisan jewelers, usually owned and operated by families who have been in the industry for decades. The cost of securing certificates for the hundreds of thousands of diamond jewelry they produce would deplete their resources and income. Rest assured that even without the formal documents, Gold Palace conducts thorough vetting processes for its suppliers to ensure genuine, high-quality diamonds and jewelry for our customers.

2. I want a certificate for my jewelry. Could I request it from you?

Unfortunately, Gold Palace does not facilitate diamond certification requests for products purchased in the past or available on our website. Some pieces we sell already have diamond certifications from credible labs. Please browse our shop to find the right piece that includes the paperwork you are looking for.

3. Do I really need a certificate for my diamonds?

Yes and no. It depends on your longterm plans for your diamond jewelry. If you want to turn it into an investment, a diamond certificate will allow you to have options on what to do with your diamonds. If your jewelry is meant to be kept forever in the family, then a certificate is not necessary. You may instead have it appraised by your trusted local jeweler but please keep in mind that an appraisal, even if it's documented on paper, is not the same as a diamond certificate from independent labs.