wedding day gold

Wedding Day Gold

After picking out the perfect dress for your big day, the next step is finding the right jewelry to compliment your fabulous look. Any bride-to-be knows how important it is to find just the right pieces to accompany their dress, no matter what it is that fits their own personal style. This can end up being a complicated decision. With so many jewelry styles out there, finding the right pieces to complete your look can almost be as difficult as finding the perfect dress. Knowing what will best compliment your dress however, will make picking out your jewelry almost as fun as finding the right dress.

Going with Gold

While gold jewelry may clash with a pure white dress, if you’ve chosen off-white, ivory, or a champagne hue, going with gold works great as it tends to highlight the creamy undertones found in these shades. Remember when choosing the perfect gold jewelry for your big day that unlike your dress that will only be worn once, the jewelry you decide on can be worn for years. Finding the right pieces will not only add some gorgeous pieces to your jewelry collection, but will remind you of your special day every time you wear them.

After you decide to go with gold is where things begin to get fun. While deciding on a dress is a once in a lifetime experience, deciding on the jewelry to match your dress can prove to be just as exciting. You know your ring is what is going to truly steal the show, but you’re also aware at what an amazing necklace will do to add brilliance to your look. This is the first piece of jewelry that many brides decide on, and when chosen correctly will make you shine.

Picking the Perfect Gold Necklace for Your Dress

The perfect necklace is out there and finding the right necklace for your dress is vital in creating the look of your dreams. The first thing you want to think about when finding the perfect necklace is what type of design is going to best flatter the dress you’ve chosen. You don’t want the necklace to compete with the neckline of your dress, and fortunately there are many different style options to choose from. Knowing what kind of style best flatters different necklines is a great place to start and will serve as a guide when picking the perfect piece.

Strapless Wedding Dress

Popular for years, the strapless wedding dress is as timeless as the right gold jewelry. This style that beautifully shows off the bride’s neck and shoulders can accompany many different necklace options, and is one of the most exciting types of dress to accessorize. The simpler your choice in dresses, the more bold you can go with your gold. If you’ve chosen a more elaborate gown, try something more understated like a delicate gold chain. You may even want to add an understated pendant that contains one of the theme colors you’ve chosen for your wedding or bouquet.

Spaghetti Strap Wedding Dress

If you choose to go with simple spaghetti straps, choosing a gold necklace that dips into the cleavage area of your chest can be stunning. If you’ve chosen a dress with more elaborate finishes, a necklace will have the tendency to make your look to busy. Opting for gold earrings or a gold bracelet may work better in this case.

V-Neck Wedding Dress

The V-neck dress is becoming an increasingly popular choice with brides and can be one of the most beautiful ways to compliment the right gold necklace. This look can be dramatic when paired with a stunning long, gold chain. Adding a pendant encased in gold to this chain can take your look to another level.

High Neck Wedding Gown

This classic style calls for a piece of elegant simplicity. A longer gold piece is the optimal choice in this case and should be chosen to flow with the style of the dress. The simpler your style, the bolder you can choose to go with whatever gold necklace fits your personal taste. If your dress is more ornate, choosing to go without a necklace and opt for a pretty pair of gold earrings instead may be all you need.

Whatever style dress you’ve chosen for your big day, finding the right gold necklace to compliment your gown is half the fun. Knowing what gold piece works best for each type of dress there is will make shopping for your wedding day jewelry a breeze.



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