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How to Pair Your Jewelry with Your Hairstyle

Hair and jewelry are two things that can make or break an outfit. You can pair the cutest skirt with an amazing top, but still fall flat if your hair and accessories aren’t in sync. Of course, you can’t just wear any jewelry with any hairstyle and hope it works. They say that fashion is more of an art than a science, but there are some simple rules to follow to ensure you don’t commit a fashion faux pas. Here is a handy guide to help you create the perfect pairing of hair style and jewelry ensemble.



The up-do is a classic. It’s versatile enough to be used for everyday wear in the workplace, a night out, or even your wedding day. However, an up-do also means that more focus will be on your jewelry, so it needs to be chosen wisely. In the case of an up-do hair style, less is probably more.

A gold necklace will add flair to a plain up do or distract from a more elaborate one. If you want focus to be on the intricately woven style that you spent hours on, keep the neck jewelry toned down. Bold necklaces paired with elaborate hairdos can also be a bit much and make you seem gaudy or overly adorned. However, a simple, classy bun paired with a nice 22 karat gold necklace can add flair and elegance to your outfit. To get the best effect from an up-do paired with a necklace, wear a strapless dress to show off the gold jewelry and increase the elegance.


Earrings are also a tricky pairing with an up-do. Gold stud earrings are perfect for a simple look during the day. However, class up your ensemble for a night on the town with larger gold hoops. Mid-sized earrings like a simple drop earring or a relatively small chandelier earring are perfect with an up-do on any occasion. Because they don’t get lost in your hair, medium sized earrings can be fully appreciated when paired with an up-do. Also, medium-sized earrings aren’t too flashy and overwhelming like larger earrings can be when your hair is up.

This is not to say that large earrings cannot be worn with an up-do, but it needs to be done wisely. The best larger earrings to pair with an up-do are simple hoops or classy chandelier earrings. This is best done for formal occasions, and as such, the earrings should be simple, like beautiful 22 karat gold, possibly with a single color of gemstones. The earrings also shouldn’t look cheap, which can sometimes be the case with earrings that are made of cheap, easily-discolored metal or mixed materials. Bohemian-style earrings with cloth or wooden pieces are best saved for a half-up-half-down or fully down hairstyle.


One of the most versatile hairstyles, the half-up-half-down style is easy to create and can be both formal and informal. It’s an easy way to disguise a bad hair day, but it can also be an elegant look that was painstakingly arranged for your wedding day. Like the look itself, the jewelry necklace and earrings worn with it is just as versatile.

While stud earrings tend to get lost in a fully down hair style, a half-up-half-down style pulls your hair back the perfect amount to let the jewelry shine through. Medium or large earrings don’t feel like too much flash with your hair half down to surround them. If you choose to wear large earrings, a small, simple necklace or no necklace at all will give the most attention to your hair and earrings.

On that note, a large necklace can be a good idea with the half-up-half-down hair style, but should be balanced with small stud earrings and a simple top with a plain texture. It is difficult to impossible to wear a large, bold necklace with a top that has a pattern without looking like you are overdoing it. You can keep your hair back behind your shoulders to show off the necklace or wear it draped over your shoulders to minimize the necklace a little.

The long braid can have the same effects of a half-up-half-down hair style if it falls over one shoulder because it provides a contrast to the earrings’ texture and emphasizes the earring on the opposing side.



Sometimes, we have to let our manes flow free and it’s these times where we have the artistic license to wear big, bold jewelry pieces. Once again, the large earrings should be balanced with a smaller necklace and vice versa, but other than that, you have the freedom to wear the jewelry you want when your hair is down without seeming overly flashy.

A large, bold necklace peeking out from behind your hair can perfectly contrast with your hair’s texture. If you have straight hair, wear a heavily textured necklace to make it stand out more. Likewise, if your hair is curly, wear a smooth, shiny necklace made of flawless 22 karat gold to create contrast. Keep in mind that a large necklace will likely be hidden – at least partially – behind your hair, so no need to be shy. Dare to wear something bold and striking.

Stud earrings or even medium-sized earrings, gold or not, tend to get lost behind hair when it’s down, so don’t make small earrings the primary focus of your outfit if you aren’t tying your hair back. When long hair is down, it can seem like a backdrop for large earrings, both showcasing them and minimizing their flashiness.

If you follow these basic rules, you’re nearly guaranteed to avoid an outfit with awkwardly obvious earrings, a gaudy necklace, or an understated hair style. There is an elegance to gold, no matter the style, you just have to wear what’s right for you. Fashion is an art rather than a science, so make each outfit your own unique art piece to express your personal style.